Spacebar starting playback while entering lyrics


this is a choir arrangement started in Dorico.
I have been copying lyrics between staves, sometimes it is necessary to double click a syllable to edit it and press space to go to the next one. However, playback will start on pressing space. This happens in some bars, in others not.

What could the culprit be?

Update. It seems that if I delete the lyric, press shift-l and type it again, space bar will work again.

Update II. And in those cases when spacebar won’t advance to next note, hyphen does not work either.

Is the project particularly large? It sounds as if Dorico might be struggling to keep up with your input, and it’s ending up processing the Space out of sequence with the Shift+L command somehow.

No, it is just a few pages long. It seems that it happens with copied lyrics, when I have double clicked to edit.

If you want to attach your project here and give me a hint as to what I should do to try to reproduce the problem, I’ll certainly take a look.

I will send it to you by mail.