Spacer Label Track...


So I am building a template and now about to run a Mac Pro and Slave PC so my Channel count is getting pretty unweidly. Obviously I am making use of Folder Tracks but even so, the number of Folders within Folders is equally getting a bit much and navigation is becoming a bit of a nightmare.

I would love to be able to Add a Spacer Label Track that the only function is to be able to Label (with Text and perhaps a Photo/logo) and Colourise and it would be used just to seperate Channels Visually. As a guide for Navigating around huge amounts of channels. I was going to start using Empty Unassigned Midi Tracks for this purpose but it’s not Ideal, especially when creating Keycommands and PLE commands that hide and show Midi Channels.

It’s just an idea I thought of the other night and have no idea if people would think this is stupid but I think it would help a great deal.



Others (including one of my ‘Annual Requests’) have asked for a new track type ‘Lyrics’. Such a thing would probably do what you want it to do.

Dunno when/if it will ever happen, but a LOT of people want a Lyric track.

Yeah, sounds similar. Just want a very basic Bookmark type of track that I can Label and Colour. Maybe even write on the track (like a Lyric Track) so you could make Horizontal notes as the Project goes. In fact, this is now becoming more useful the more I think and type!

Yes, I would find a ‘spacer’ track useful. Some kind of visually simple track that looks different, so that it’s easy to spot when scrolling through a large session.


A “Lyric Track” would be extremely useful!
With text entry boxes that could lock to time/bars-beats
and alternatively be used for time specific mix notations!

Some mutant of the “Chord Track” and the “Track Inspector Note Pad” but horizontal in the project.

That would be an extremely useful feature for sure!