Spacial Audio / On the fly Variable track type

Hi all, first of all I want to say i love Nuendo. I have several stations with 7.1.35 on them. I’ve been here since v1.0 !

My buisiness really needs a solution for all post prodution of Spacial Audio.

Reaper works but the mixing is teadius, ProTools is a no go for me. But man, developper are waiting for steinberg. FB360 v3 is not even fonctional.

It’s time for Nuendo to shine !!!

So my question / proposal is : when , and how will be implemented spacial audio.

Will we see advanced pan (doppler, distance att) with AmbiX Full path ?

Will we see a new routing system where you could change the type of track, instead of having to create new one . Like from Mono to quad.?

Video player with Azimut roll and yawn ?

Full Decoder inbeded in a “Decode track” with seperate AmbiX bouce ready track ?

Please don’t let protool take the lead again !!! Event Reaper is ready !! GOGOGO :wink: