Spacing between time signature numerator and denominator

Hey there!
I’m trying to ‘imitate’ G. Henle Verlag’s time signature style where space exists between the numerator and denominator (see the attached image). In the future, could it be possibly ‘easy’ to develop an Engraving option to set the space between these figures to other different than 0?
In the meantime, BTW, a workaround could be editing Bravura glyphs and making them smaller, but Dorico seems to place these figures from the middle staff line to the opposite ones (see the attached image).

Thank you so much!
Time signature (original).png
Time signature (Dorico).png

Yes, I remember this has come up before. Currently no way to work around this.

Oh! Thanks, dankreider! Just didn’t find that post… :confused:

In the next big update, you will be able to specify a gap between the numerator and the denominator of the time signature.

Wow, great news, Daniel! Thank you so much!
Can I ask you a question about that, please? When you increase that gap in the next update, will the figures just move up or down – and go beyond the staff – or will scale proportionally to fit inside?

They will go beyond the staff, so you’ll also need to reduce the size of the ‘Time signature font’ font style in Engrave > Font Styles if you want to keep them within the staff.