Spacing by half measures

As a guitar player using a big tablet when playing, two pages is my limit, no page turns ever, and the hands never leave the strings.
See how horizontal spacing varies on the screenshot. I can force bars to be half on one staff and half on another, and it works ok. But is there a way to automate this? Sometimes the spacing could automagically change because of something I did, and the whole sheet would re-adjust itself, and I would be oh so happy. Am I dreaming?

have you experimented with Note Spacing changes. i have sometimes put in spacing changes every other bar to get things to look right instead of using System breaks. Dorico’s spacing algorithm is very adjustable in Layout options. also setting your page size to match your tablet. just some thoughts

Ed, just a thought: if you would use your tablet in portrait mode here and try to get all music of that movement onto one page, may be you could make it more readable. You could try this by using an additional Layout of course.

Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. I have them now to refer to later.