Spacing Flows on Sheet

Hi… I think I’ve accomplished something like this in the past… but now I don’t recall how I did it.

I have a project w/ 6 flows… one of the flows (the last one) I’ve forced a system break so it shows as two systems. I’ve also added a Frame brake to force the 2nd page. What I’d like to accomplish is more spacing between the flows… the first image is the current layout… and the 2nd image is what I’d like to accomplish… essentially, the first page has ‘justified’ top to bottom the flows, then the 2nd page has more spacing between the 1st and 2nd flow.

Thx for any tips… are there a Settings to help achieve this ‘automatically’… or is this at this point manually adjusting using engrave mode?

Update… re-found Layout > Vertical Spacing… so I’ve gotten closer… but on 2nd page, I want bigger gap between the two flows… not necessarily justified.

Definitely not manually adjusting!

Have a look at Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Vertical Justification. These percentages are thresholds. If a page is less full than that, Dorico doesn’t stretch the staves/systems apart. If you set them to 100% you effectively turn it off. In your case I think you want it set much lower so it will work on these pages. See Ben’s guide to vertical justification for excellent illustrations of how these settings work.

You can also increase music frame margins or resize music frames, to control the area within which the systems will justify.

Ie a music frame with larger top/bottom music frame margins or that is smaller (with its top/bottom frame edges further in from the page margins) will result in bigger gaps above/below the music on the page.

Thx, yes, as noted above I found the Vertical Justification… however the issue I’m having on page 2 in the last image after applying that is I want there to be a bigger space between the two flows… is there a way to get that to happen?

One way would be to use flow headings, which will insert a frame between the last system of one flow and the first of the next. The flow heading doesn’t have to include any text if you prefer it to be just empty space: you can do this by editing the default flow heading in Engrave mode.


And once you’re showing flow headings, you can control how much space Dorico adds above and below them:

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yes… getting closer… thank you! now, is there a way to have a different flow heading for the first flow on the second (and subsequent pages)? Like the option ‘not for first flow’ … but for each page? E.g., I don’t need that big space at the top of 2nd page taken up by the ‘empty’ flow heading.

No, you can only control flow headings on a per-page basis.

An alternative option is to use separate music frames to control where the music goes and how much space appears between them. Ie have 2 or more music frames on page 2, which allows you to position the top of flow 2 exactly where you want.

If you edit frames on a page directly, that’s a local page override. If you wanted to reuse a particular pattern of frames on multiple pages or in multiple layouts, create a page template with those frames on, so you can reuse the formulation consistently.

There’s no way to specify a different flow heading for the first flow on a page, I’m afraid. You can tell Dorico to use the “first” page template wherever a flow starts at the top of the page, so you could perhaps update the “first” page template to have no text frame for a title, and then have another page template based on the “first” page template that you manually use (via a page template change) for the first page in the layout.