Spacing for Rehearsal Marks in Circles

The editable elements in Vertical Position of the ENGRAVING OPTIONS/REHEARSAL MARKS area measure distances from the bottom of the rehearsal mark text. This also works fine for those with rectangular enclosures since the bottom of the rectangle is a consistent distance below the text.


Circular rehearsal marks create a problem. Since the radius of the circle increases as the content grows (as in the case with measure numbers), it is impossible to create a setting that will work throughout the entire document. Circles that are perfect for early in the piece start to collide with the top staff line late in the piece. Likewise, if I increase spacing sufficiently to get good spacing late in the piece, then they are oddly high near the beginning of the piece when the circles are smaller.

Would you consider an additional feature in this set of editable parameters that would keep the distance between the staff and/or other items consistent as measured from the bottom of the enclosure?

Many thanks for all the excellent work!

For what it’s worth, it’s intentional that the rehearsal mark text/numbers are positioned consistently rather than the enclosure outline. We also designed it such that you can specify a minimum diameter for the circular enclosure so that you could achieve a consistent size for the enclosure. I guess you find that specifying the minimum diameter for the enclosure to be large enough for your widest rehearsal mark to be too big earlier in the work?