Spacing Gap question

Is there a setting to control the spacing between the time signature and the first note of a system? Basically between the 2/4 and the A in the Spacing Gaps options pictured here:

There’s a control for a gap after a mid-system time signature, but there doesn’t seem to be one for an initial time signature. I didn’t see anything in Notes or Time Signatures either, but perhaps I missed it. I honestly thought I had modified this before, but now can’t find it. Does this setting exist?

The mid-system time signature gap also applies to initial time signatures.

Does it? I’m playing around with it on a system without a mid-system time signature, only initial, and it doesn’t appear to do anything.

Apologies - I could have sworn it did. I’m sure it came up a matter of days ago…

Is there a “Gap before start of music” setting buried somewhere? I have a really tight first system on a piece with no meter changes. I can tweak it manually but I thought if I could recover 1/2 space or something between the time sig and first note it might be helpful to do that first.

If it’s just one system on one page, I think I’d grab the Note Spacing handle above the first beat and hit Shift-Alt-Left arrow a few times.


Yeah, that’s faster, duh! Seems like an odd setting to be missing, given all the various settings that are possible. It probably would be a good setting to add as a feature request.

“Spacing Gaps > Ideal gap after barline” appears to affect this distance, but it would also affect notes after barlines. Maybe you could adjust that?

It seems like you’re running into a similar question to the one I asked a while back:
How to control the length of ties at the beginning of lines?
There isn’t yet a preference for the distance between the spacing between the initial clef, key signature, or meter—whichever comes last—and the note, rest, or repeat barline that follows—whichever comes first.