Spacing issues involving cross-stave notes

There seem to be some spacing issues involving cross-stave notes, mostly involving extra space being added.

In the example Mendelssohn 1 extra space is added in LH last beat at the point where the cross stave note is entered. See before and after.

In BWV 542 space is added in bar 130, but in bar 132, second beat, it’s subtracted.

BWV 542.png
Mendelssohn 1 after.png
Mendelssohn 1 before.png

Do you have the option ‘Use optical spacing for beams between staves’ on the Note Spacing page of Layout Options switched on, or switched off? In general it is much easier to diagnose these problems if you attach the actual project rather than just a picture of it. You will need to zip up the project before you attach it here, as .dorico files can’t be attached directly.

Hello Daniel,
Yes, that’s it. Optical spacing for beams is switched on. As much of my setting involves piano and organ music, I have it on as default. Switching off improves these spacing anomalies, but then the cross-stave 16ths are uneven, like the first beat in the example here. I could just be missing something, of course.
If you’d like the file I can still send it.
Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 18.43.20.png

The ability to tweak horizontal spacing, which was to be forthcoming in one of the next updates, will hopefully take care of those instances which fall right between the notation settings.