Spacing of multiple words under one note

When notating psalms it almost always requires the spacing of multiple words under one note. I have not been able to do this (using Dorico 4.3) unless I reduce the font size, but this doesn’t look very good. Any suggestions or solutions please?

See if this blog article contains some useful information with graphics (partway through the article).

Adjusting the width of the staff for reciting tones

As you add the versicles on single reciting tones, you will see once again that the staff stops before the end of the text. My preferred way of fixing this is to use a note spacing change. In Engrave mode, select the double whole note, then choose Engrave > Note Spacing Change. In the dialog that appears, switch on the toggle switch next to the text Default space for crotchet/quarter note, then click Change to enable the numeric control to the right. Change this value from 4 to e.g. 10 and click OK.

Many thanks Derrek, will try.


Show us the not very goodness, and we might be able to suggest something.

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Thanks Derrek,

That seems to do it!