Spacing Part Staves Which have been Pushed to Next Page

Still a bit confused as to where to set this up…

In a player’s part, if in Engrave mode I use Shift-F (Mac) to push a set of staves to the next page, Dorico spaces the staves on the first page beautifully, but bunches the staves on the second page, at the top.

How can I make Dorico continue to format these ‘pushed’ staves with the same (default) distance between staves as so nicely done on the previous page?

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

Increase the minimum inter-system gap for the whole layout?

Try not to override staves manually too much either, only use the staff spacing tool in Engrave mode when it’s really necessary.

If you’ve not yet watched some of the videos on how staff spacing works in Dorico, I’d recommend doing so.

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Handy video link. Thank you so much Lillie. :tv:

I found the quick solution, which is here, from Layout Options (Cmd-Shift-L [Mac]):

Dorico has defaults of 80% and 60% - which means that the second page has to be more than 50% full before automated system spacing is activated.

I found if I set these to 20%, then even just 2 x systems on page 2 of the part, will get spaced as part staves on page 1 have been.