Spacing problem with grace notes at start of bar

This worked eaerlier today, but due to a mistake I made with 2/3 piano staff allocation, I had to redo a large part of my work. Now that that issue is fixed, the grace notes here that used to abut the initial barline no longer do. I see no way to get rid of this excess space which has suddenly appeared.

My usual question: what is going on? How to move these notes back to the start of the bar? There are no implicit rests as far as I can see.

It’s nothing to do with cross staff, as the same issue arises when the notes are all in the lower stave.

Engrave Mode shows this:


What are these empty objects?

We really won’t be able to say without seeing the project. If you don’t want to post it here, you can send it to me, but please be sure to specify exactly where in the project this passage can be found.

Letting readers know that in a private exchange with @dspreadbury he solved the problem. A large thank you along with my complete amazement at his insight.

It transpires that this issue was related to my mess up with two/three staff transitions. After I cleared all that up after a full day at it, @dspreadbury suggested to turn on the third staff again and look - sure enough there were zombie grace notes there taking up space, just noteheads and no stems or beam. Very peculiar. Deleting them and reverting the number of staves fixed the problem. Why objects in a removed staff should have any effect I still don’t understand, but there we have it.

I post this here in case by some remote chance anybody stumbles in this way again in the future.


Yes – A good example of the practical implications of the fact that when you delete a staff, any notes that were on it are still there, and can be restored.