Spanish Guitarish wanna be song

So I tried to make something sounding like spanish… ehh lol give it a listen?
hear on HD QUALITY

Gave it a listen, something about it reminds me of “Jazz From Hell” by Zappa. Sounds cool. Maybe it was the big interval jumps in the guitar that made me think that. I don’t think a guitarist could really play it.

haha well. I heard some music like it before. Can’t remember the band. hmmm.

Good work !!!

thx, appreciate it.

As Early says, I’m not sure how straightforward this would be for a guitarist - but I really like the mood and progressions. Very enjoyable.


I take it you’re a keyborad player using a sample set. Which one is it? Are there velocity multisamples for the high notes and is there a round robin facility? As it is the mood is great however the note choices are out of idiom for guitar and the sounds are really unconvincing, especially high notes. This sounds like an excercise by someone who knows their way around a soundtrack; just playing with something different.

honestly I’m a drummer. not sure how to make it sound more real :frowning: