Spanish keyboard shortcut for tuplets


Sorry if this has been answered. I looked around the forum and have not found the answer.

The problem is that I cannot assign any shortcut to the Create Tuplet using the Spanish as the Keyboard Language.

After assigning K as the shortcut

It doesn’t show in the Write menu and it doesn’t work when triggered.

But if I switch to English as the Keyboard Language it works fine.

My question is:
Is this a known problem? Or is my Spanish Keyboard shortcut file corrupted?

Any help would be great!

Thank you everyone for your great support.
Best regards

I believe the default shortcut for starting a tuplet on the Spanish keyboard is Ñ, and to stop sticky tuplets is Shift+Ñ. Do these shortcuts not work correctly for you?

Hello Daniel,

Yes, the default shortcut for starting a tuplet on the Spanish keyboard is Ñ, and to stop sticky tuplets is Shift+Ñ. But they do not work for me. I tried different combinations of letters but none of them work.

I just tried this for myself by grabbing our Spanish Mac keyboard, setting my input language to Spanish in the Keyboard panel of System Preferences, and setting the keyboard language to Spanish in the Key Commands page of Preferences, and the Ñ shortcut and Shift-Ñ shortcut to stop tuplet input works OK for me.

Thank you Daniel,

This is something that has happened from the very first version of Dorico in my Mac. When I switch to English works fine. Any suggestions?

Maybe I should use the English keyboard and change all the necessary commands… ???

No, I don’t think so, Carlos. What do you have chosen as your input language in Keyboard in System Preferences, in the Input Source page?

Hello Daniel,

I always use the Spanish keyboard with Dorico.

Daniel, I did a “Reset Key Commands.”

Look at the Write menu, how the key command (Ñ) is not assigned when “Keyboard language: Spanish”

I also got the same result with German, Italian, Portuguese, and others. But not with English, French,

just a guess: there are also General Preferences in Dorico. That’s another place where you might be able to choose your input keyboard language (?)
I am not in front of computer, so it’s just a guess…

If you use “Spanish” rather than “Spanish – ISO” do you find that the shortcut works? It was “Spanish” rather than “Spanish – ISO” that I tested yesterday.

Hello Daniel,

I tried the !Spanish! and it does not work either.

Also, notice that the mapping does not match my hardware keyboard. When I typed quotation marks (shift 2) I got exclamation marks instead. You can check the different character mapping in the Mac/System Preference/Keyboard/Input Sources. In all the MacBook Pro I had, I always have to select the ISO one in order to match the keyboard layout.

I find this quite mysterious. Unfortunately I don’t know what to suggest: this works OK with our Spanish keyboard and with macOS set to Spanish. Could you attach a photo of your keyboard?

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for helping me out. This is very weird.

Here is a photo of my keyboard

and this “About This Mac”