Spanish Romance

Hi everyone.
I was scoring my take on the Spanish Romance for guitar which has a melody, a triplet accompanying arpeggio pattern, and a bass line but I couldn’t get the first note of the triplet and the base to line up. Is there any way to do that?
I’m using Dorico SE 3.5

I don’t think you can do that in SE (You need access to engrave mode). Sorry.

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Yes, I’m afraid that’s right, as you would need to be able to edit the Voice column index property, which is only accessible in Engrave mode.

Daniel hello,
Well, would be very nice and kind, if you unlock some very basic Engrave Mode functions in SE, in order such cases to be handled.
I’m sure that just few more unlocked options in SE that will allow the users to create a bit more correctly looking scores will increase the number of the potential buyers of Pro and Elements. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

This is already on the cards, isn’t it?

No matter what is included in the ‘cut-down’ versions, someone will always want ‘just one more’ feature, so that they don’t have to buy the Pro version. You see people asking the same in Photoshop Elements, Finale NotePad, etc, etc.


@benwiggy hello,
I’m not asking for many unlocked functions. Just those who are using SE should be able to produce at least correct looking scores. The example provided by OP doesn’t look correct, and Dorico SE doesn’t allow him to fix the things.
We all know that Dorico SE is a hook, but still it should be able to produce properly looking score sheets. I’m not talking about Publishing quality. Just at basic level they should look correct. Nothing more, or less… for SE. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Thank you everyone for your input. I do agree with @Thurisaz that it wouldn’t be bad to have basic options like that in the free version or to have an alternative to Elements where you could have Engrave but still with only two staves.