Spare dongle

I already have a key which came with Nuendo. However its a massive pain to unplug it from my studio computer which is not easily accesable and take it to my laptop everytime I want to use nuendo on my laptop - plus it will inevitably get lost or broken. I used the offline activation technique using the elicensercontrol setup from steinberg which means my nuendo license is basically stored on the dongle (no internet in studio). So what I want to know is - can i do the same - download my nuendo license onto this dongle :

using the elicensercontrol setup so I have a spare ?

Hi, …
Nuendo license is always stored on ONE dongle. As far as I know, there is no option for a Spare-License on a second dongle or software license?.
My dongle ( the one holding the Nuendo license…:slight_smile: would be awkward to reach, too, but I have all dongles ( e-Licenser, i-Lock, USB sticks, etc.) plugged into an USB hub in front of my KB, … or plugged into the USB slot of the KB itself on one workbench. Never had any problems with that.
When Steinberg switched from those RS232 dongles to the comparably tiny e-Licenser I had my doubts, too, if they gonna last or break easily or get lost. Now, that was quite a few years ago and I still run off the same stick. When out-of-house I keep it with other storage devices in a little poket case and, well, keep an eye on it. The e-Licenser is no tough piece of hardware, but reasonably kept and treated it lasts.
A spare e-licenser is a good thing to have, anyway, because with the SB-service for handing out a replacement license in case of theft, loss or damage you gonna need one of those to store it on. This does not cover other licenses also on the stick, though.

Chers, Big K