Spatial Audio monitoring for Nuendo?

Seems Apple just updated Logic Pro with the ability to monitor spatial audio live*. Since this is vital to properly producing Atmos for Apple Music, I am requesting this feature be added to Nuendo. And considering the rapid adoption of spatial audio for Apple Music production, I hope this happens asap! Thanks!

See Logic Pro release notes - Apple Support

*For those unaware, Apple uses their own rendering algorithms for spatial audio, rather than the Dolby renderer. This makes it impossible at the moment to monitor for Apple Music’s spatial audio in Nuendo. See: If You Are Mixing Dolby Atmos For Apple Music - Read This Now | Production Expert

I hope the battle of the formats, this time, is shorter.

Apple is clearly “all-in” on spatial audio so… Hopefully, we’ll see a “spatial audio monitoring” VST plug-in or the like sooner than later.