Spatial Audio monitoring

Hello. Currently the only way to hear what our Atmos mixes sound like in spatial audio (for Apple Music) is to export an mp4 via Dolby Atmos Renderer and then send the file to an iPhone. Quite a process! So I’m putting in an official feature request here:

Please add spatial audio monitoring for Apple Music to Nuendo. Built-in feature or an added plug-in… it doesn’t matter. Atmos deliverables are fast becoming a standard delivery spec for Apple Music, so this should be of highest priority! Thanks.

Hi, yes, this would be very useful. Now I’ve set up my studio with 7.1.4 monitoring, I’m getting a lot of requests from people who want me to do Atmos mixes for them. I’d love to do this, but at present, there’s no easy way to send a demo of my mix. The binaural export in Nuendo 12 will be fantastic, but .mp4 export direct from the internal renderer would be a boon, as would some way of checking mixes in Spatial Audio within Nuendo.

So +1 for jpgtr’s feature request.

To be clear, what you’re asking for is for mp4 export. You can easily do this with the Dolby Atmos Renderer. (No DAW is able to export mp4 directly… this is likely due to Dolby license restrictions?) A Nuendo binaural export will only let you hear the Dolby Atmos for Headphones render - not what it will sound like when your ADM file is rendered by Apple Music for spatial audio.

The bigger issue is that when mixing in Nuendo/Cubase, you cannot hear at all what your mix will sound like on Apple Music in spatial audio. We need an option or a plug-in to allow this, just as Apple has added for Logic Pro.

Apple is “all in” on spatial audio for their Apple Music service, so I am confident they will provide the tools to DAW developers to support spatial audio mixing and monitoring. How serious Steinberg and Avid take this issue largely depends on user feedback and requests…

[edited to add binaural export info]

Hi jpgtr, I’m with you perfectly for the Apple Music spatial audio monitoring! Would be an excellent (essential) addition.

What I was getting at is that I’d like to see .mp4 export from the Dolby Atmos renderer plug in within Nuendo. I’m aware that this can be done with the standalone Dolby renderer, but not with the internal one (if I’m wrong, I’d be grateful to know how it’s done!).

So, in short 100% with you.

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