SPDIF recording in Cubase 5?

Hey folks.

I broke out my E-MU ESI-32 Sampler, I upgraded max ram and added SPDIF in/out years ago and would like to record what I play on the Sampler via SPDIF OUT into my Mbox2’s SPDIF in out, then into Cubase as an audio track.

Is it possible to set up a Cubase 5 audio track to record audio from the sampler from SPDIF?
This is quite confusing to me as can’t find any way to add a bus in Cubase 5 other than audio from my Mbox2

Actually I can’t even setup the ESI-32 to record samples in via SPDIF even thouh it’s connected to the Mbox2, it’s like it doesn’t hear anything coming from the Mbox2.
I set up SPDIF in the control panel as well ( Using latest version of OSX )

Any way I can do this please send details as I can’t find info in the manual.
It has to work as there is SPDIF I/O on the Mbox2.
thank you so much in advance!