Speaker Management - no VST Plugin possible?

I guess I’m one of those rare people that uses a speaker correction plugin. In Cubase, that’s fairly simple in the Control Room with the corresponding speaker management/config. It’s basically on the “playback” side only.

However… I read that a similar setup was possible since WL 8.5 - but now that I’m on WL9 - I can’t find this feature?

What am I missing?
Or is that the “Playback Processing Pane” (Wiedergabebearbeitung) is for?

This is possible in WaveLab 8.5 or WaveLab 9. Simply insert the room/speaker correction plugin in the “Playback Processing”.

Any plugins in the two “Playback Processing” slots will only be audible on playback but not on rendered files. It’s useful for room/speaker correction plugins, encoder checkers, 3rd party meters etc.
Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.03.57 PM.png

As an addition to that: although the Playback Processing slots are not rendered, they are unfortunately included in the metering windows and in the Master Section Bypass function. This is expected to be changed, hopefully sooner than later.

Once more - late response - but I figured that this would be the case. Just needed confirmation.

Thanks again.