Speaker management

Do I understand the concept correctly that this only switches pairs of speakers with only 1 tweakable parameter (volume) e.g. nothing like Control Room in Cubase hence no option to add any plugins in the chain for every pair of speakers independently?
In other words the only way to use a tool like ARC2 is to put it in the Master section?

Right, this is not like in Cubase. In a Mastering application, you normally don’t want post-processing after a certain point, and this point in WaveLab is the Master Section.

I would also love to integrate the ARC2 into the Wavelab without having to put it in the master section.

ARC2 is not a Master section plugin, it’s a plugin to calibrate your control room.

I don’t know it it’s possible to add that feature, but anyone who wants to add a EQ to their monitoring system can do it for free if Wavelab had this feature.


That is right. Especially the Spectral Matching function in Voxengo Cuve EQ (in minimum phase mode) is very handy for correcting the frequency response of the monitoring system.
Using this plugin outside the rendering chain / Master Section would be very helpful!


I agree with the others. It would be good to be able to add a plugin of equalisation just before the speakers and without any impact on the Master section! Make it, please, it’s simple and for “ordinary people” it would be an important gain.

Another plugin I would like to add within speaker management would be the Waves WLM.

I understand that Wavelab has an excellent loudness meter, but it’s nice to have options.


since we’re talking about speaker management… i dont underrstand why wavelab didnt include the control room speaker management feature to adjust the speaker gain and the output level like the control room of CB 6.5 or 7… i use pwred speakers (3)pair and the gain sensitivity of each pair is different… in cubase you can match the gains so 1 pair wont be louder than the other. like the other post said… you get 1 gain control… not tring to upset steinberg, but come on… i dont think people just use 1 set of speakers in mastering. and since both cubase and wavelab is made by steinberg… how come the speaker management cant be standardized between these… high level… software packages. it seems like the developement team always gives an upgrade and a downgrade at the same time… and use the jedi mind trick to make us like it… :cry:

You can set a different speaker gain individually for each configuration, using the following control:

Just wondering if it’s possible to hide or maybe even remove the speaker managment tool from the mastersection. I don’t use it and I’d like to keep my screen as empty as possible and I don’t want to accidentaly change the gain knob finding out later that I was looking for a distortion that came from the speaker management. The same hide button that dithering/masterlevel/effects has would be great, that would do the job :smiley:


+1, useful feature but takes up a lot of space for something that not everybody will use.

Back on topic, I agree with PG that nothing should follow the master section, however there would be no technical reason stopping the ARC developers from writing an ASIO “wrapper” around their plugin, which would make it appear as another ASIO output. That way it would work with any application.

2 years later… here’s another big +1.

Anyone still here?

OK, longtime Cubase user here, just got Wavelab 8.5. Love the control room of Cubase… Love, Love, Love it…

So my two cents: the “Speaker Configurations” section in Wavelab is the actual “control room” in Wavelab, right? It already allows some processing of the audio POST master section - so that point made above is moot in my eyes. It allows volume processing and audio routing… So all we’re asking for is for this Wavelab control room to be made a tad more flexible… Why not add an insert slot or two in the chain for some user-selected plugins like ARC2 or the new Sonarworks Headphone correction plugin so we can tweak our room acoustics right from within Wavelab?

I have 3 different pairs of speakers in my studio, and each of them needs a separate instance of ARC2 in their chain so that they can each be eq’d differently by the plugin. This is clearly something that wouldn’t work so well with an external ASIO wrapper, as mentioned above, unless of course, that ASIO wrapper also included a speaker switching function and was easy to control from within Wavelab. No, it just doesn’t make sense to me that Wavelab should adhere to what is “normally” done in a Mastering application. It’s a changing world. Room correction is the new normal… Cubase, unlike any other DAW I know, is the only one with a control room… and it’s frickin’ fantastic! I’ve got ARC2 on my various speaker busses, and some headphone correction and room modeling on my headphone bus…

Anyway, I do hope the developer(s) is listening. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll see a future version of Wavelab with a more extensive and flexible control room. Again, all I need is one or two little insert slots for each speaker configuration. Pretty please?