Speaker Selector problem after 8.0.2 update

I had several sets of monitors setup under the speaker selector, connected to a MOTU 896HD outputs. I had configured them for different monitors in WL7 and WL8 however after updating to 8.0.2, the selector selctes the wrong outputs. The configuration appears correct, however the channels the signal is sent to do not match what is set in the configuration when selected.

For example, the 896 Main 1/2 outputs are used for the nearfield monitors, and 7/8 for headphones. Headphones are setup in configuration #1, nearfields in configuration #2 etc. When #1 is selected there is no output activity on any channel and when #2 is selected the output is going to the headphones. The monitor channels work fine with Cubase (ie they are cabled correctly).

Were any changes made to the monitor selection configuration in 8.0.2? Maybe an old config/XML file that needs to be rebuilt?

Found the solution. Apparently the I/O numbering had changed and Wavelab did not automagically pick this up. Clicking ‘Refresh’ in the speaker setup dialog (next to the ASIO driver selection) refreshed the interface numbering and allowed the correct I/O to be selected.
Hopefully this is of some use to anyone else who may stumble across the problem.