Speaker Volume control Bug/Feature request

I believe I have found a bug or perhaps something that just needs more features.

Im using an analog chain in Wavelab and doing so in the same way Justin Perkins outlines in one of his wonderful videos about Wavelab.

So I have audio on my Reference track and my output selected to go out channels 9/10 via my HAPI. It comes back in on my normal track on inputs 9/10 from HAPI. All works well.

My question is in the Master Section, my speaker volume changes the volume of the send to my gear. I don’t know why. My Main outs are 1/2. But when I turn down the knob under Speaker Configuration, my level drops thats being set to the analog gear. I can clearly see this happen on the meters of the HAPI and Silver Bullet.

Why is this? Is there a setting to make that knob just lower my speakers? I thought that would be what it is for. I don’t have a full monitor controller, just use GLM for the moment so it’s handy to just grab the built in knob.

To me this seems like the Speaker controls need more features. I’m coming from Pyramix and the built in Monitor controller in that software is VERY robust. You can pick all kinds of inputs and outputs with volume control, downmix, dim, mute, ect. I’m not asking for all of that but certainly there should be an option to have the master volume knob in the speaker section NOT change certain outputs.

I’ve had this confirmed it happens by both Justin and Ian Stewart. The theory is that perhaps it’s setup this way to allow surround outputs to be controlled. But if I only have a stereo bus setup then it probably shouldn’t affect the other outputs.

So either it’s:

A) A bug and the speaker knob should only be changing the volume of the Main output as configured in the Audio Connections tab. Example: Master output is setup as a Stereo bus and assigned outputs 1 and 2. Only those outputs should be affected by the speaker volume knob.

If a buss is assigned as a Reference Track it should not affect it.


B) More controls for the monitor section need to be implemented to allow direct selection of the bus the knob is controlling.


I like this idea and would welcome it.

Of course, I’d also welcome a full-on software monitor controller as an option.

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At least #A needs to be fixed.


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This is one thing that I think Pyramix does better is the built in monitor controller. It is very nice and extremely flexible. It would be one to compare to in my opinion if they went this route.

Agreed! I can work around it by just using GLM to change the volume but it involves switching to that application out of wavelab. So while it’s not bad it does involve extra steps compared to just using the built in one.