Speakerphone and Nuendo5

I don’t know who’s “fault” it is but just wanted to check if anyone else have problems with Speakerphone? I get the most insane crashes when using it as an insert, corrupt projects that can’t be saved or backed up, crashing and Nuendo going mental. Last time my whole screen turned green! :mrgreen:

I don’t get that many crashes usually except with Post filter (which shouldn’t happen since it’s Steinberg’s own…) and Speakerphone, other than that things are very solid. But I use those plugs a lot so it’s kind of annoying…


We have just finshed a 26 episode series where we used (at least) a dozen Speakerphones per project.
They were heavily automated and and punched in- and out every few seconds, for about 50 minutes long.
I must say that we didn’t eperience any problem. Apart from a nast Speakerphone bug …

Which operating system are you using? It looks like you are running out of memory or having videocard problems.
You know that Speakerphone and Altiverb require QT installed!? Latest version?

Also Post Filter causing problems … hmmmmmm …
We are using Post filter on pretty much every project, never seen a problem with it.


Hi, I’m posting a screendump of my system settings, it’s in Norwegian but you probably get it…

I described the post-filter problem in another topic but it usually happens when I use the “preview” function, so not when used as an insert.



It looks like your system has enough power and mem. to run this.
We are on Win7-64bit, but running Nuendo5-32bit, and as said,we have done heavy Speakerphone projects.
I assume that you are using Nuendo5-32 too!?

As for Post Filter; preview is not buffered, but relies entirely on CPU and memory.
So there is the same problem popping up again.
There is something in your system which makes that your computing power is not used in an optimal way.
Just tried this on one of our systems, Post Filter (heavy settings) in preview takes between 3 & 4% extra CPU (Not constantly, but a peak) and a percentage of RAM. So it’s not that it’s a “heavy load”.

Maybe it’s a good idea to check what your CPU & RAM consumption is.
I don’t know if Vista works in the same way as Win7, meaning that running a 32-bit application allows you to access 4GB of RAM instead of the 1.8GB in XP. If this is indentical, this shouldn’t be the problem either, since we can easily run a dozen Speakerphones + Altiverbs + a truckload of groups & Direct Routings. If Vista doesn’t behave like Win7, then know that you will max out at 1.8GB or less. Which would be the main cause of your problem.


Speakerphone works great until it don’t :smiley: I worked with 2.0.3 in both Pro Tools and Nuendo… Had lots of problems on WinXP but once I moved to Win7 64bit with N5 32bit I haven’t seen the problems anymore,

I know of 6 professional audio only Nuendo DAWs, 3 Macs with SL and 3 Win XP SP3 32bit machines with SP 2.03 installed.
On ALL of those machines the N5/SP constellation is causing serious crashes. I have the habbit of cmd-/strg-S before launching Speakerphone.

Also there is the ugly Bypass/bypass bug.

Still I believe SP is a superb tool, and recommend it to friends and colleagues. If only AudioEase would start fixing those crashes…


But easy to workaround.
There are two “Bypass” automation lines, one with a capital “Bypass”, the other with an underscore “bypass”.
If memory serves well, you need to suspend the “bypass” automation line, and from then on, all is fine.
They are aware of the problem. Reported nearly a year ago.


Well that was news for me… don’t know if it’s because of the setting of the moon and sun today but after removing the “bypass” parameter all my problems are gone… so far. :wink:

I use Speakerphone a lot but I must say it has to be the worst piece of VST software out there. I’m using v1.3 (I think), and the damn thing drives us crazy on a regular basis.
After having so many projects that couldn’t be opened because of it, I decided to only process clips. But then even that isn’t possible as half the time Preview doesn’t work with SP: all I hear is the original, unprocessed, sound.

A nightmare it is.