Speakers disappear

Hello, good people!

When I want to use Spotify or Youtube while also using Dorico, if I uncheck the “Allow ASIO host application etc.” in the ‘Device control panel’, my speakers disappear and I am left with the useless “SPDiF Interface”. Something Asus came up with, I think.
Now I can use Spotify and Youtube, but I get no sound from Dorico, forcing me to check and uncheck that box all the time.
This is not an issue when I use Dorico on my Surface Pro.

Because an image says more than a thousand word, please check out the attached snippets.

Hope somebody can shed som light on this mystery.

All the best from Jim-Roger Knutsen
With checked box.JPG

I wonder whether you might have more luck with the ASIO4ALL driver rather than the Generic Lower-latency ASIO Driver?

I had this same problem too for a while. Try this :

  1. turn off the exclusive control button in dorico
  2. close dorico and all other programs using the audio drivers (browser, media player etc… )
  3. then reopen them

This is what my control panel looks like (attached below). So, it probably isn’t a dorico issue.

When I first installed Dorico (a long time ago!) the Generic ASIO Driver didn’t list some of my audio devices. ASIO4ALL listed everything and it doesn’t have any other problems.

I think it is an issue with the Generic ASIO Driver, but obviously it’s hard for Steinberg to remotely debug what is happening on someone else’s computer.

Have a look at the Dorico support video at around 13 mins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BcPJd92zqU