Speaking of Dead Forums....

Is Nerg’s Forum still alive? Or has it passed into oblivion? Inquiring minds wanna know. Couldn’t find it with Google.


Still there, Doug posted in November.
I’ve been waiting there for ages waiting for an answer on how to convert MIDI into WAVs…



MIDI is just data signals …


Crikey Steve, sounds pretty bad out there :frowning:
Any chance you can get a part time electrician job out there? Tide you over, pay the rent etc?
Best of luck :sunglasses:

I feel your pain. My part-time contract which I’ve had going for seven years ends soon (a casualty of restructuring)… and then… :question: Ssimilarly… I won’t technically be ‘unemployed’ but more a ‘failed business’ :confused:

Even that is dying over here. Peeps just nip to the local shop and buy a few pints, it’s cheaper to do that :frowning:

Yeah, I checked in mostly to make sure Fogal wasn’t violating the Forum Rules :laughing:

:yfc: :laughing:

Can somebody provide the link to nerds forum as I can’t recall how to get there.


:open_mouth: It’s still there and even remembered my name/password ! :sunglasses:

Thx Gentlemen!