Speaking of Right-Click Menus that Need Cleaning Up: MixConsole Menu

In keeping with what’s felt like “Workflow Week” around here…

While the right-click menu in the arrange view got some major, post-cleanup heat I think the Mixconsole’s right-click menu has some completely unnecessary options. Just look at the attached image and ask yourself, “what really needs to be buried in this menu?”

Solo, Mute, Listen? Read/Write Automation? Monitor and Record Enable? These are buttons on the console itself! Why would I ever need those in a right-click menu? Changing level and pan? Seriously? It’s nice to know there’s a keyboard shortcut for some of this stuff in case I ever forget but literally, the first 17 items in the menu could disappear tomorrow and I’d get along just fine.

My proposed MixConsole right-click menu would look more like this (in order):

Add Track
Add Track Using Preset
Add Track From Archive*****
Add FX Channel
Add FX Channel to Selected Channel(s)
Add Group Track
Add Group Channel to Selected Channel(s)
Add VCA Track
Add VCA Fader to Selected Channel(s)
Link selected channels (only display if more than one channel is selected - otherwise nothing to link)
Load Track Preset
Save Track Preset
Hide Selected Channel(s)*****
Unhide All Channels***** (only show if channels are hidden)
Global Meter Settings

*new items

Get rid of all the obvious stuff that there’s already an exposed control for, slightly rename a few options for clarity/consistency (Effect Track and FX Channel just become FX Channel), and group together related options.