Special files for loading drivers on PC

Hi everyone,
need your help (programmers).

Several days ago I`ve got the problem with my Cubase 8 Pro (VST audio system shows me red text DEVICE FAILED TO OPEN). I know that this topic has been discussed already (solving with reinstall Cubase, drivers etc). Personally I solved this issue by replacing all installed content files (in installation default folder) with new ones and all works perfectly. I am sure that just problematic files were replaced and that it.

As far as I know, usually in installed folder of any software there must be files responsible for recognizing sound drivers on PC for using in the software (ASIO4All, USB sound devices etc).

For best understanding of this issue, do you know these exact files? :bulb:

I found the answer - Baios.dll → cubase "baios"..........what the heck is it and........ - Hosts & Applications (Sequencers, DAWs, Audio Editors, etc.) Forum - KVR Audio