Special Key shortcuts

If you Press + and mouseclick click on the E in a mixer channel, all insert plugin windows of that channel are opened. Pressing and mouseclIcking the E closes all insert plugin windows.

I want to have these functions to be used with the generic remote, so I need these functions on a Key command, instead of Mouse clicking. Is this possible?

Also, I use a rotary encoder to scroll through the mixer channels. The encoder sends a midi cc with value 1 when dialed clockwise, and value 127 when dialed counter clockwise. In generic remote the encoder is set as receive relative, and mapped to mixer-device-selection.
Is it possible to setup generic remote so that a specific midi cc value of a midi cc command is mapped to a cubase command, so that cc value 1 triggers Key command A whereas cc value 127 triggers key command B?
Thus, I would be able to trigger a macro when dialing clockwise and another macro when dialing counter clockwise.

Does nobody know?

make a macro


There’s no Key Commands for “Open/edit insert x”…