special kind of triplets

Has anyone an idea how to write this kind of triplets (sixlets)? (sea attached picture? I imported from Sibelius. Now the numberer not centered and they only look like xlets.
Bildschirmfoto 2017-02-21 um 19.52.51.png

I am currently not sitting in front of Dorico, but have you checked the “triplet” properties page?
As far as I remember there are a bunch of properties that one can change.

If you just want to center the number, select it, and in the properties panel just activating “End position” seems to work…

If you want to re-enter them from scratch, make sure 8th notes are selected, activate the tuplet tool and enter 6:4 in the popover, enter, then change the note duration to dotted half note before you enter the notes. (or enter six 8th notes, and press t (tie) between each.) Then add the slash from the tremolo panel on the right.

Hi Felix, thanks for answering. I looked into the properties but couldn’t`t find it there.

Hi fratveno,

thanks a lot. I got it. 2 more questions:

  1. The 6 is not entered on the note but appears behind it.
  2. This way gives me the right look, but Dorico would not play it back like a sextole.

I meant centered…

Dorico can’t yet play back tremolos on tuplets correctly; although tremolo playback will be improved in 1.0.30 for most situations, unfortunately that improvement will not extend to tuplets, though we intend to address those situations as well soon.

Thanks, Daniel.

Daniel, have you got an idea how I can take care that the number 6 is centered?

Isn’t this what you’re after…? Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but it’s what I suggested above…

Sorry fretveno, I overhead your first sentence. Everything is fine now. Thanks a lot.