Special music os?

What if there were a special os for cubase?
So much compatibility problems would be gone forever. There would be no questions about xp vista win7. No extra money for microsoft for new fancy priced os. Just an application for making music.
No viruses, no tracking cookies, no registry errors, no internet in your daw…
Just plain cubase, vst, simple disc reading- writeing, elementary usb support…
And much more ram.
The only bad thing would be that drivers must be written by steinberg. But I believe there is a significant amount of enthusiasts who would write those drivers without any fee…
Any linux kernel would be nice base for example.
Just a thought…

I’ve got a dedicated stand-alone PC for Cubase, so I get none of the above… :sunglasses:

But you’ll have to by next windows or whatever mac uses to use new cubase… And this ise the amount of money that I would happily give straight to steinberg.

I would have to agree with Wim on this. A closed DAW is the way to go. It seems that the state of the art has reached a level that a new system has the speed to service our needs to make music at a pretty good level. The only up grading I foresee doing is from here forward is for replacing broken parts. If the right [or wrong] parts break, it could be expensive but if you want cheap go fishing.

Yeah, maybe… but Windows is a proven technology (with proven flaws… :wink: ) and it works for me, so I don’t mind paying for it.

Ten years ago i remember hearing about BeOS. I am very pleased with XP. As long as it runs cubase fine, i wont bother.

I dont thing that ST even consider that option. It still is one of the rare multi platform sequenncers, probably they find it plenty,

Not that its Cubase compatible, but in the Linux world, there is Ubuntu Studio… the main issue with that world is that there is a lack of driver software for our mainstream audio interfaces… and VST support.


It would be nice if the major DAW producers and hardware designers would finally pay some attention to Linux. The MAC OS, is just a unix variant these days, so why not?

I recall there was someone (name escapes me) that used to evangelize about Cubase and Linux… back on cubase.net

My machine is connected to the internet so I’ve got none of the above except the last one.

Dedicated DAW OSes might have been a good move some 10 15 years ago, but these days I see absolutely no point. And that’s without the caveat of having Steinberg having to provide a huge amount of extra developer time for an OS to work with every combination of PC hardware out there. Leave that to Bill gates :slight_smile:

Can’t see the point in Linux support either. XP and Win 7 work

Nowt wrong with Windows 7.

I’ve got SX3 and XP working fine here (as DAW and net) for heaven knows how long. I’ve had a few drives die a death but that’s it. It ain’t broke and I ain’t fixing it :sunglasses:

Maybe a super sleek specially developed W7???

The price of a Special Music OS that would sell, what do I know, 50 000-500 000(?) against something like Windows would be astronomical. And that’s not only because of the units sold:development costs, but also the ridiculous marketing stunts that are usually whacked over the head of any group of “specialists” like graphic artists, musicians etc.

And even if it worked great, would it really be worth it? I can’t imagine any GREAT performance improvement at the moment. My system is stable, it works, it’s fast and it does whatever I ask it to. The weakest link right now is …

… me :astonished: :blush: :laughing:

would be great…
something that doesn’t store drivers just in case but keeps install small and basic+ doing backups of op system and cubase automatically. And lets you to choose what are your needs in the beginning without offering default messenger, easy networking and other.

One point of this idea would be that every time I change something in my daw, something gets lost. It could be some plugin that doesn’t work with new os or something else. What I am after is a stable base that needs minimal reneuval or updates if any and works until computer dies and is easy to transfer to a new one.

Never mind, just a silly idea.

Well yeah if you want a dedicated OS then get a hardware DAW/Sequencer.

I see absolutely no point of such a thing for a PC however

Maybe I’m nuts but … me either. No point. Not only do they have to actually write the OS, they have to port all of their products over to it, on the assumption that people would actually use it and would be able to find hardware drivers for it, which of course, Steinberg doesn’t make for say… RME or MOTU… so every audio card MFG would have to support it or it would be pointless.

I’m still waiting for draggable mixer channels so… code a whole new OS just for Cubase, and a whole new Cubase?

Microsoft spends an awful lot of time making sure Windows is compatible will a whole list of different hardware combinations. Steinberg are much smaller than Microsoft and simply do not have the resources to even come close, never mind exceed what Microsoft have achieved.

It’s clear that a dedicated OS for Cubase would actually make things a lot worse than actually using windows. There would be more compatibility problems rather than less.

Well, don’t hold your breath…

… I can’t see it happen in the near future, and like I said, I don’t need it, my system works fine as is.

Mm, rack sized, liquid cooling, 15 sec boot up, integrated 8in/8out (at least) soundcard, maybe a rack- sized touchscreen, Steinbergs logo on startup…
Maybe an op system on stone (+one hard disk for audio, one for instruments, both dublicated with raid).
That would be something to show.
This way they could sell pro studio again. €2000 would be a nice price…

And zero piracy because of special op system.
Many of today’s hits are made using pirate versions of software. It is so unfair. I have been honest. Every single software in my daw has been paid for or is freeware. Sometimes I had to leave vacation plans or glass of beer because of that. And there goes some “engineer” with pirate Nuendo and grabs some work from me because of cheaper price…

If you really know what you’re doing you could use one of these, “Win7Lite”, I’ve had a look at it and it seems you could quite drastically ‘thin down’ your OS with it. It’s also fun to fart around with it :wink: !



There are already hardware DAW systems available. Why don’t you use one of those?