Special offer 40% for Cubase Pro 11 from Artist....149,40 Euro but not for me!

Super, I have Cubase 8 and my upgradeprice will be 10 Euro more than from Artist…
What is going on here ?
Please Steinberg, it is not possible, that it is cheaper from an old Artist Version 6 than from the
Full Version 6 up to 11
I have cubase 8 and have to pay 159 Euro.
What a joke.

Greetings Frank

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Calling it a joke, is really uncalled for. You’re comparing a full price update to a reduced price upgrade. Yet trying to spin that as a bad thing, there’s plenty of Artist users who will love the opportunity to jump to Pro.

Just wait for Steinberg to have a sale on updates, usually it follows upgrade sales, so i’d be 99.9% sure that you will get your discount in the following weeks.

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No, Upgrade from Artist is cheaper than from PRO !! It is a joke !
Update or Upgrade,
It is a joke to get the VERSION 11 cheaper from an old Artist Version, than an update from an newer expensive Version.

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The joke here is that you’re not reading what i’ve written.

UPGRADES (i.e. v10 Artist to v11 Pro) ARE Currently on sale. (Offer 1)

UPDATES (i.e. v10 Pro to v11 Pro) ARE NOT Currently on sale. (Offer 2)

After Offer 1, will come Offer 2.

So, you can either read the above and wait for Offer 2 which historically follows Offer 1.

Or spam this thread with calling Steinberg a Joke repeatedly- choice is yours, whatever makes you feel better. But please, learn the difference between what a paid upgrade is, and what a paid update is.

OK, I will wait, ok, but you will see, more people will come who are confused.


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Actually isn’t confusing when one comprehends the difference between UPGRADE vs UPDATE.

I do understand the confusion, taken from the all-knowing wikipedia:

" Upgrading is the process of replacing a product with a newer version of the same product. In computing and consumer electronics an upgrade is generally a replacement of hardware, software or firmware with a newer or better version, in order to bring the system up to date or to improve its characteristics."

So Artist->Pro and v10->v11 are both upgrades, 11.0.10 → 11.0.20 is an update.

Except, Steinberg obviously doesn’t subscribe to Wikipedia’s definition.

Anybody know if there is a chance of an upgrade sale of Elements to Artist? Have these been on sale in recent years? I’m slowly getting back to Cubase. Used it from VST24 until Cubase 6.
Thanks in advance.

When you go to buy it’s clearly defined what a paid update, and what a paid upgrade is. The promotion page shows which products are included and how much they cost. They don’t specify to visit wiki for their terms & conditions - everything is in front of you.

Majority of software company that sells upgrades and updates as separate options will use the same terminology. In fact i don’t know what other terminology could be used to determine a difference as it’s so established. Could you suggest some?

Those companies that only have a single tier product will just default to the term ‘update’ or ‘upgrade’ for all, depending on their cycle and how they choose to word it - because for them there is no need to differentiate.

Also, I totally understand people getting confused, but the default action of flaming Steinberg by calling them or their deals a ‘joke’ or ‘disgusting’ (on another thread) is saddening. At least understand the offer being presented before swinging the bat, and if you can’t then just ask nicely on here. We’re all human.

Steinberg can do a lot wrong, but I think offering deals to their customers in waves is something they’ve always been good at. Everyone gets their turn, and Steinberg can use it as a net dipping into the water more frequent. It’s effectively free advertising on news publications each time a promotion is ran.

Sorry guys,
I know the difference between update and upgrade.
I do not need people to teach me that.
He wrote this, that I did not understand the difference. He is a defender for Steinberg.
Please be calm, I understand everything, but not the price policy with this offer.
Is that a crime ?
It is just my subjective opinion. Where ist the problem that you waste time with my statement.
I will wait, till I will get a good offer for an UPDATE, but, I am using Ableton Live 11 and Studio One 5,2, so I do not need it, but I saw the offer and i thought, that is not very intelligent to make it cheaper than an update. Point. That is all.
And I`am using Cubase since the first Versions for Windows in the 90s, so, I bought enough Update and Upgrades from Cubase …tststs
Thank you for your time.
It is time to make music, not to discuss about every word.
Bye and I which everybody fun with the UPGRADE.

No-one said it was a crime, you branded this current offer as a ‘joke’ despite being explained that you will get a reduced price in the coming weeks. It should be a very simple conversation to have.

Yet, after having this explained - you further replied saying (twice) that this was a ‘joke’, so i had to reply AGAIN to further explain to you.

So yes, now you seem to understand the difference, I agree it’s time you did some music too. As labelling me a Steinberg defender is pathetic when it was you I was focused on helping. Throw that back in my face, nice work, make the world a better place!

I’m only pointing out why the confusion is understandable, since some (pianoguy) somehow can’t understand how one “does not comprehend the difference”. In the world beyond Steinberg there obviously is a difference. And I nowhere said Steinberg’s terminology should change.

That goes without saying - everyone knows there can be misunderstanding/confusion in anything, and it’s nice that people can come get advice here. It’s even nicer when people aren’t rude about it too.

And your comment :-

Is nothing like what was actually said:-

Pianoguy is saying that this isn’t confusing WHEN you comprehend the difference, do you disagree with that?!

Honestly, people’s behaviour just baffles me. I haven’t a clue what the motives are to start linking to wikipedia articles and quoting people out of context in order to make them look bad.(?)

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