Special Pricing?

So everyone in the Cubase universe is getting 50% deals to celebrate 30 years…

Er, do we get any love?

It would be a nice gesture…


Well, they dropped the regular price almost 50% awhile back…

True but I think that was for full licensing and upgrades from existing Cubase licenses.

Now full Cubase licenses and Cubase updates are 50%

So the only ones who haven’t been offered a celebratory deal are customers who already own Nuendo and want to update. Unless I’m wrong and missed something… in which case my bad.

There’s not even a “downgrade path” for existing Nuendo owners who want to move to Cubase…

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Cubase… makes sense that they are having a special 50% promotion right now. And that price is really incredible. Almost tempted to pick up a license for my son (who is also a musician but is a Studio One Pro user).

As for special pricing for Nuendo, we already have it. They reduced previous prices right before N10 was announced… worth every penny… and the crossgrade special price from Cubase to Nuendo is also fantastic.

It’s honestly a great time for people to be getting into Steinberg DAWs right now… the prices have basically hit no-brainer level and the only decision people have to make is whether or not they need the post/film/video/game features of Nuendo on top of Cubase… then go for it.

In my case, I now have 2 licenses of Nuendo for my studio, and now I’m thinking of crossgrading my son’s Studio One Pro. :slight_smile: Or maybe I’ll pick up a Cubase license for portable use with my laptop and use the crossgrade deal from one of my other DAWs I own.

As for “downgrade” pricing, just get the crossgrade! It’s $170! I mean, come on. That’s as good as it will ever get. The crossgrade version requires you have some other DAW… and who doesn’t have a license of one of the others??? So just use your other DAW as your crossgrade product and you can pick up a license of Cubase 10 for an insane price. I mean, it’s even less expensive than the student/educational license!

It’s a great time to be a DAW user.