Special split marker

Nice people around in this forum, so far I had all the answers I was looking for!

Now let’s see about this one :
Is there a marker in W9, or just a way to do it, that can be used as split track index when playing a continuous file?
So the file is a single long one but it contains two songs, with ideally a marker that can be understood by iTunes or Vox let’s say to skip through the content. Some sort of audio chapter like in a eBook for example.

Is it possible ?

I’m guessing no, but I did find this, and mention of an Apple chapter tool that might still be in the Garage Band tools folder.

I stumbled in that webpage too , thanks for the answer anyway!

However, if you split the wav file into two separate wav files in Wavelab, and convert the wavs to aac in iTunes (not Wavelab), they should play through seamlessly in iTunes, and probably on your mobile devices. The VOX player I don’t know. It might not be seamless, and could click between files. Or it could be seamless.