Hi guys,
I want to create, under a long note, a rhytmic figure that indicates the progressive slowing of a jetè for a double bass.
I.e. notes without head and with decreasing or increasing speed.
Example in the pic here.
Any help?
Thank you!
Schermata 2020-04-05 alle 12.52.29.png

Hello there,
I need to put a guide under a long note in wich I can put fast note without heads with increasing or decreasing value of speed, just to indicate the progressive speed of a jete.
Something like this.
Any Help? thanks!
Schermata 2020-04-05 alle 12.52.29.png

Maybe you could write some notes in a down-stem voice, then hide the noteheads by changing their colour using the ‘Colour’ property in the General group in Properties, and set them to use a fanned beam?

Dear Daniel, thanks for your answer, I tried with the colour but result is not satysfing!
If I make the noteheads white, this affects lines and spaces of the staff.
Also what is a fanned beam?

You can change the noteheads to be transparent rather than white. For information about fanned beams, try searching in the manual, e.g. here.

Got it now thank you so much! I didn’t translate well from beams to “tratti d’unione” in italian!
Thank you again!

In case you haven’t come across it already, you can find the Italian equivalent of that page here, as well as the rest of the manual in Italian listed on the left. It’s also available as a PDF.