Special Upgrade Price for Halion Sonic?

I poked around the ‘shop,’ but couldn’t find the ‘special upgrade price for Halion Sonic for owner’s of Cubase 6.’

Anyone know what this will be?


You didn’t poke hard enough


OK … agreed.

But who (besides you, obviously!) would have thought to look under “Accessories.” I’d think the logical place would be upgrades.

So, thanks!

Anyway … for those lazy like myself and uninterested in the other “Accessories” upgrades … US 199.00 plus local tax.


It actually should have been something like Add ons or Licenses

But I think it’s quite impressive to see what you can get License for when you bought Cubase 6
I think the most ridicules one is Wavelab Elements … since this is actually the same price as A Full version
The rest of the offers are pretty cool
However … I do not require any of them (except Wavelab Elements) since I Have Full Versions of them
I just wonder how this is going to workout with the 24bit Content of HSO …

Is there a discount for existing users of C6/CA6 to purchase Wavelab?

They actually sell

Activation Code to permanently activate your copy of WaveLab Elements 7 that came with Cubase 6 or Cubase Artist 6.

But its the same price as the Retail version of WaveLab Elements 7

Is that appropriate now that audio can be edited directly in wavelab?

A revolution that I can use wavelab audio functions in cubase, but what about pricing?

€99.- … witch as I already pointed out is the same price as WaveLab Elements 7 currently is
However it’s Nice to know they include a copy of it (and a Trail Period otherwise they wouldn’t say “permanently activate”)

$99 doesn’t seem to much when Cubase 6 upgrade is only $200.

Are my figures in the ballpark?

I think you’re wrong there. The release docs only mention that following audio export from Cubase, WaveLab 7 can optionally be loaded to edit the resultant file; hardly what one could call integration.

I hope you’re right and I’m wrong though.

@ Mr Soundman

That is not how I read it.