Specialist Keyboard for Cubase

I just started using the editorskeys keyboard for cubase, and I have to say it’s an absolute god send. I cannot remember the keyboard shortcuts, and instead of trying to reach for a crib sheet, this keyboard is the best.

tbh i’ve gotten to love this keyboard. Really good investment, it’s sped up my workflow.

http://www.editorskeys.com/audio-editing-keyboards/cubase-dedicated-shortcut-keyboard.html#Steinberg Cubase Keyboard

I don’t work for this company or anything I just think it’s a great idea for Cubase (And other DAW) users who like me struggle to remember all the shortcuts.

I have a similar looking one - mine was a bunch of stick-ons for each key that had pre-printed key commands. It is completely awesome, I agree!

Same company I expect, they do the stick on keys too. The keyboard is really well built too, so it’s built to last.

Yours looks cooler than mine, Words are all I have. You have icons!!

you tube: JECTUQVrvzE

i prefer a completely customized keyboard from X-keys that i can program to my needs. see picture
studio chair 004.jpg

Xkey Cubase.JPG
I also think the X-Keys does a much better job. Can’t work without mine. You can print custom caps for it as well.

Can’t use them as a normal keyboard though, still require a standard one for normal use. The EditorKeys doubles as a standard keyboard. Saves on space :slight_smile: