specific CC for Master Fader?

I cant seem to map my Master Fader (Stereo Out) to a midi cc that sticks, as soon is a add another track it gets remapped to the new track :question:

none of you has this problem

You could try to setup a generic MIDI remote for this.
Check out: Devices - > Device Setup - Remote Devices. Click at the + and at a generic one.

The rest is kind of selfexplaining… configure MIDI In, use MIDI learn and that´s it.
Hope this helps.

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It won’t solve the problem. Search Generic Remote and you’ll see that this is a result of the way it’s implemented. There’s no way of locking a function to a specific channel.

I’m having the same problem, using an M-Audio Axiom 61. I started by importing the xml, which worked for everything, except the master fader. When I assigned a specific CC to the master fader, it was great, until I added a new track and lost the master fader. Anyone know how to fix this?