Specific Generic Remote Question

Sorry for the duplication of content, but my original thread kinda got cluttered so here’s the specific question:

I am trying to use a Footswitch on Roland V Drums to make Cubase Stop via Generic Remote. The V-Drums footswitch is a -stereo- switch for incrementing/dec kits.

When you hit Learn in Generic Remote it senses a ‘Program Change Trigger’ and then assigns the current Program # to the Address field.

eg. If you hit the footswitch the program kit on the V Drums increments from 41 to 42 and ‘42’ is the Address in Generic Remote.

SO: If I assign the Value/Action to ‘Stop’, then when the program kit changes FROM 42 to either 41 or 43, Cubase will Stop. I guess the logic is that Cubase ‘sees’ the kit # is changing from the Address value ‘42’ to a non-match and that causes the trigger.

Which means that every time I begin tracking, I have to make sure that the kit is set to 42 for the footswitch to work.

QUESTION: Is there a way to make the Generic Remote ‘respond’ to the footswitch -regardless- of the currently selected kit? I tried ‘Program Change’ but that does nothing. I’ve also tried every combination of P/T/N Flags hoping there was a way to tell G/R that if the value of Address changes FROM any Address TO any Address it should also fire.

Perhaps there is a way to ‘transform’ the MIDI from the footswitch -before- it gets to G/R? My guess is that the MIDI Transformer plug-in would not work because Inserts would be applied -after- the signal hits G/R.