Specific guitar sound

Hi all,

Is there anyone, out there in Cubase land, that knows how I can re-create (or get near to) the classic Rickenbaker sound using the standard Cubase 7.5 plug ins on a standard guitar audio track?
Just to be clear, I’m not talking about creating a Halion Sonic instrument track, but using standard Cubase plug ins on my mono electric guitar audio track?

Thanks in advance,

Jim B

You may need to define ‘classic Rickenbacker sound’ - maybe a link to a Youtube clip?

Anyhoo, try this: http://allfreevst.blogspot.com/2009/05/red-shift-pickup-replacer.html (NB, when I was searching for the link the website seemed to be down)(but I have the .dll if you want to try it)

I’m aware it’s not exactly what you are looking for, but it does come with a bunch of presets that may deliver what you are after (pretty much just EQ curves I think).

Might be worth a look!

I doubt anyone can answer this for you. A Rickenbacher is a specific guitar with a specific sound (you don’t mention exactly which model or year (a 1968 360 perhaps?). You also don’t mention what guitar your trying to reshape (make, model year etc.). So how can anybody hope to help you.
You have to listen and tweak over and over again, always A/B comparing to the sound of the Rickenbacher you’ve in mind 'til you’ve got the sound you want, that’s really about as much help as you can expect in a textual form.

Hello all,

Firstly, many, many thanks for you tips, and yes you are all correct, I didn’t really outline the sound I was looking for :blush:

So yes for McGuin’s sound, and Tom Petty’s as well! Don’t what type or year these instruments are though!

The problem is I am not a guitar nut, I just know the sounds I like and want to achieve…if at all possible!!

I will have a go with all pointers (it will take me a few days) and report back.

Thanks again all of you, and once again apologies for not giving you a full spec in what I am looking for!!

Jim B