Specific IAA Issues with 1.9 (Production and Mixdown)

Hi Steinberg Team

I have been using 1.9 very productively in the last days and the last Version before.

My specific issue is with IAA effects/Generators dropping dead regularly. I believe this is the normal IAA bug in IOS8 but maybe you can have a look at it too.

I have two Audio tracks, one containing the IAA effect AU:FX Push and the other containing the IAA effect AU:FX Push (Key Input). Typical oldschool sidechain Setup.

Now every time I stopp playback in Cubase or add another in app effect or another IAA plugin the Compressor Drops dead (AU:FX Push). I then Need to discconnect it in Cubase (not shut it down in the Background) and then reconnect it in the order in which I select the key Input last.

Second Problem is with Mixdown in 1.9. It just misses parts of the Audio track completely. Some blocks get rendered some not. I havent gotten around to actually nail it down to IAA effects/Generators it happens with pure Audio as well.

Third Problem, when connecting Cubasis to Audiobus2 Input in order to record the Output to lets say Audioshare, the playback is doubled and slightly delay 10-17ms.

I’m running Version 8.1 on a iPad Mini Retina (2).
Thanks for looking into this.

Ok at least the mixdown works of a newly loaded Project. Seems the known issue regarding that all IAA plugins must be silent before mixdown did the trick.

Please give it a try to change the latency to 256 and let me know if it helps to solve the issue.
Most of the other topics seem familiar but we will give them a repro.


Hi Lars,

it was always on 256. Verified this last night.
There just seems to be something weird going on with regards to how ios handles IAA plugin streams.

Its a thing of Evolution. It just takes time, IOS8 was a half step backwards for the Music community in regards to that but it will get solved I am sure. I love making Music with Cubasis even though i constantly have to reload my effects.

The only thing I am missing now is a bigger internal synth with a decent mod Matrix :slight_smile: