Specific instrument playback not working

Hello everyone,

while working on a piece with multiple instruments I’ve found that one of the instruments (the cymbals) are not playing back properly. When I toggled the little gear icon below the “VST Instruments Panel” I found that under the ‘assigned instruments’, the cymbals are labelled ‘12’ instead of their actual instrument name, which is what I think is causing the problem (see image below).

I’ve also listed the project file below (however I realised that silencing the project resets the playback template, and when I restore it to HSSE + HSO the cymbals are now working. That said, all my other individual settings have also been lost, so this is not a satisfactory solution either.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The Frozen Lake- troubleshoot.zip (406 KB)

JL, in the future, the first thing to try is to “Change Instrument” in Setup mode, which will reload only that instrument VST.

Hi drankreider, thank you for your advice!