Specific key command Q

I knew this at one time … when I have and audio track selected and one send going out to an FX ch… what is the key command to open all of the inserts on that FX channel at the same time? On Mac …

I know you want on Mac, but maybe the PC command is also of help until then:
[alt+shift]+“edit channel settings” button.

Thanks TC… I tried that but no go :frowning:

Also I think the last time I used it was on a pc. I hope there is a Mac version of it. Very useful.

Why not search for it int he KC panel?

Did that Jeff…thats why I’m asking.

To be clear though, did you click on the edit channel settings button of the audio track or of the FX track? It only works for the inserts of the send if you alt+shift and click the button on the FX track. I guess that would be Option+Shift on mac though.

Thank you Fizbin…you are correct…I was clicking on the " e " of the send on the audio channel.

Somehow I remembered that would work.

Anyway… just tried it on the FX channel and it works there.

Although I sure wish I could click on the send “e” and bring up all plugins on the corresponding FX channel.

I don’t even know if that would be possible to set up as a macro.