Specific keyboard shortcuts not working in spanish keyboard

Dear all,

In the course of two years using Dorico 3.0, I’ve had this strange issue with two keyboard shortcuts:

  1. The key command “Move to staff above” (alt-N) never seems to work, whereas Ctrl-M, Ctrl-N, and alt-M all function properly.

  2. The key command to raise a note an octave higher before input (alt-shift-Note) works for all notes EXCEPT for the note C (alt-shift-C).

My computer is a Macbook Pro 2015 with a spanish keyboard. I have the language set to English, and “keyboard language” set to Spanish in Preferences.
Both key commands are correctly set in the “Key commands” panel.

I recently gave the latest 3.5 demo a try, but didn’t have any luck in resolving the issue either.

Have you already seen a bug like this?

There have been different reports for this kind of trouble (including me, if I remember correctly)…
There can be different reasons for a shortcut not to work. The main reason is that the shortcut is already used by the computer, or a graphics driver, etc…
There are some shortcuts that simply do not work — I found a bunch of them when I was creating the french-mac-notation express version. Shift-alt-b is a problem for many people… It might be a Qt limitation.
Try and find another shortcut so that you do not waste toobmuch time on this and use it to make music!

Merci beaucoup pour la réponse Marc !

Yes, upon searching the forums I’ve seen many accounts of this exact problem, so I guess I’ll just asign my own shortcuts for now :slight_smile:

Have a great week !

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