Specific numeric value for automation data

Is there a way to enter a specific numeric value manually for automation data aside from dragging the dot on the track? I’m trying to automate super tap delay from waves on cubase artist 8. I can’t seem to get the specific value I want by just dragging the dot on the automation track. Dragging up or down exceeds the specific value I want. Is there a way to enter a specific numeric value on the timeline? Thank you in advance. I hope someone can help me.

Happy New Year!!!

Select the automation point and then you can change the numerical value in the Info Line at the top of the screen (you may have to make the Info Line visible if it is not already).

Thank you very much J-S-Q! Didn’t know that. Thank you!

There are a lot of things that are more easily accessible through the info line in general. It’s worth having it open throughout Cubase.

The info line is great, you can also:

  • use the mouse wheel while hovering over the numbers in the info line to change the value
  • click and hold on the box then move the mouse up and down to change the value too
  • if you like a fader then Alt-click the box and a fader pops up :slight_smile:
  • You can also select multiple items and when you adjust the number they adjust relative to each other
  • Finally, if you Ctrl-Return a value with multiple items selected then they all change to the same value (very useful for making sure automation is the same between different parts of a song)