Specific page template for Flows


I have two page templates, one is the default and another is one I have created. I would like to always use the customised one for each flow in my project but for some reason it is always using the default one. I have looked at the page template settings in the Layout Options but this doesnt seems to change it.

Is the above possible for me to do? Another option I have is to modify the default page template to match the customised one but would prefer not to do that if possible…


Each page template set only has one “Default” page template, and that’s the one that gets used automatically for all pages, except for those that automatically use the one “First” page template in the set.

When you create new page templates, you have the option to change its type – if you select First or Default, your new page template replaces the existing First/Default page template in that set.

There isn’t a way of “swapping types” after creation, I’m afraid, so you may well have to recreate your custom page template’s formatting on the Default page template.

Editing page templates only ever affects the current project, so don’t be afraid to edit a First or Default page template to suit your requirements: it won’t fundamentally change what you get in new projects.

Ah I see, thanks.

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