Specific part is not being played back


I have here measure 31 in the treble clef of a piano part not being played back. Only the bass clef plays back. It is the same as measure 29, and that measure plays back correctly. I have tried to enter a new measure in before measure 31 and paste in the bar from measure 31, but still get the same issue. I checked the dynamics and velocities windows, but I don’t see anything wrong. I am curious what am I doing wrong here? Thanks.

Hi @mameza7 , from a picture is difficult to know what is going on.
Unlikely but: maybe you activated Suppress Playback in the Common section of the properties panel, for that notes?

Can you post the Dorico file (or a cut-off version of it) to show the issue?


Thanks for the help! I think I have found the problem, the velocities drop a lot in the treble clef part and increase a lot in the bass clef for measure 31. I don’t know why they do that, maybe from an old expression mark? I have tried to reset the velocities with “reset playback overrides” but that does not work. I just manually changed the velocities and now it sounds fine, but curious if a previous expression mark that I deleted was making this a glitch or something?

I can also confirm that anything that is pasted into measure 31, the velocities automatically change.

It would be interesting to see, if the problem exists, when the project is opened on another computer. If you could attach your project here, we could figure this out.
If you prefer to post a cut down version, up to ca. bar 33 would be enough to investigate the problem.

Try disabling the polyphonic voice balancing and pitch contour emphasis options on the Dynamics page of Playback Options.

Hi, I tried that, and it’s still happening. It’s happening all over the place now. Any chance I can send the file to someone at Dorico directly to check it out? Thanks for the consideration.

Yes, you can send it to me in a private message here on the forum. Be sure to tell me exactly how to reproduce the problem, and give me a link to this thread. I get a lot of private messages and I won’t remember what to do unless you give me a good hint.

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Thanks, I just sent you a message.