Specific Sections of Music Refuse to Condense


I recently upgraded to Dorico and it has been awesome so far! Pardon me if I may be missing a solution here as I am still fairly new to Dorico.

There is this weird condensing issue that occurs with Trombones 1 & 2. Note that this also occurs between Oboes 1 & 2, but they are not shown. As you see, the trombones condense perfectly, but a few bars later something gets in the way of the condensing feature. For the remaining bars, the Trombones condense as they should. I thought it may have been because of the Paste > Explode feature, which I use quite often when pasting from my sketches or something wrong with a particular page of music.

The Trombones and Oboes condense as they should when I delete the 2nd instrument’s musical material. When I delete the 1st instrument’s material it results in the following:

None of the Condensing Changes, Engraving settings, Layout settings, or Notation settings fix the problem.

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Condensing is a very complex and subtle feature. It is almost impossible to diagnose from screenshots. Upload a short segment of the project that demonstrates the problem and someone will probably be able to fix it very quickly.


Hi, Janus

Thanks for the reply.

Here is a short snippet of the project. All other musical material has been deleted to only isolate the sections with the condensing problem. Interestingly, as I was deleting parts of the music (more specifically the beginning and middle portion) I noticed that the Oboes condensed where they normally wouldn’t have. It seems there might be a hidden issue at the beginning (or middle) of the music that prevents condensing later on. Unfortunately, the trombones made no changes as I was deleting music. Perhaps there is something hidden there as well.

Excerpt (Condensing Problem).dorico (1.4 MB)

@Musicalidea, I. believe it is the breath marks in bar 9 and 10 of the 1st Trombone part.

If you remove these, condensing works as expected. (Apparently Dorico observes that 1st and 2nd trombones therefore are different…?) Obviously, you want those marks, so another way of “fixing” the condensing is to manually add a condensing change to bar 19 and manually force the Trombones to condense.

Oboes - same issue with a breath mark in bar 10 (this time from the “cued Trumpet 1” breath mark!) but they could also be condensed manually by adding a condensing change to bar 14 using the same procedure.

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Thank you, @musicmaven1!

This fixed everything.