Specific Systems Collide

Dear all,

I can’t figure out why some systems collide and others don’t. I set the inter system gap to 20 but somehow that doesn’t affect the systems that collide while it does affect the systems that were in place anyways…

Vertical spacing calculations can be tricky - there will be previous posts in this forum about the circular problem Dorico has: the horizontal casting off affects the vertical calculation, because music requires different amounts of vertical space at different times; both the horizontal casting off affects the vertical spacing and vice versa. Sometimes therefore, Dorico ends up with pages with one fewer system than could fit, other times with one more than should fit. The gap for inter-system won’t affect these overly-full pages because it’s the spacing within each system that’s pushing them together (i.e. the intra-system spacing needs to be lower)

If twiddling with the gaps between staves in Layout Options (and these are minimum gaps in the top section - any extra collision avoidance between staves is added on top of that gap) doesn’t solve these places, you can use system/frame breaks or manual staff spacing if really necessary.

Ahhh, I sort of almost get it… :slight_smile: Thank you!

Ha, that possibly wasn’t the clearest explanation. You could think of staff spacing for each system as like building a wall: layers of bricks (=content) and layers of mortar (=spacing) make up the wall (=system). The mortar is Dorico’s “wiggle-room” - if the 2 systems on the same page have a lot of mortar between the bricks, Dorico has a lot of room to squish the layers of brick closer together if you increase the inter-system gap (by taking out excess mortar). But if the 2 systems are basically all brick (and lots of it) Dorico can’t really squish them any closer together, regardless of the inter-system gap.

(Is that any better?)