Specific track can't play back sound

Hi, it’s my first time posting on this forum.

As mentioned in the title, the problem is ONLY a specific single track (audio).

Other tracks have no problem. They play sound. Routing is fine, the driver is okay, and Plug-ins are not adjected.

the track is not muted. The region has, of course, a waveform. If I move the region to a new track, it works (that means the region is also fine.).

The expert I know says he’s never seen like this. Do you know what the problem is?

Hopefully, my English transfers the meaning.

Do you have any plugins on the channel that doesn’t sound? For instance a gate set so it never opens? Try disabling any plugins and see if you get a sound.

No, there are no plug-ins at all.

Welcome !

Few things I would check :

  • Are you sure of the Output routing setting in the track inspector ?
  • Have you checked both the state of the Monitor button in the track header and The Edit > Preferences > VST > Auto monitoring setting ? There are combinations of them that can lead to a muted playback.
  • How is the Gain set in the MixConsole for this track as, yes, its setting can more or less mute the playback of it in certain circumstances. The better is to set to 0, when playing back a given track.